Shaindy Jacobson

December 12 from 5–8 p.m., Chabad of Nebraska will host the Women’s Wellness Oasis, a program that explores spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health for women. The evening starts with dinner and participants will dive into innovative and fun ways to support our health. It’s a time to come together in sisterhood, relax, catch up, eat a healthy and elegant meal, and take care of ourselves.

“To be healthy is to have all our ‘parts’ in working order and work together,” Shani Katzman said. “One cannot be ok if emotionally intact, but physically or spiritually broken.

In this year of Hakhel, not only will we bringing a group of women together, but we will be uniting all parts of ourselves.” The Hakhel year is the year immediately following Shemitah, and an opportune time to promote Jewish unity and gatherings.

Keynote speaker of the evening is Shaindy Jacobson, who will share some of her tried and true wellness tools she's learned in life and through studying ancient Jewish texts.

Other highlights are presenters from the local wellness communities and gifts that will pamper and support.

“Shaindy Jacobson is the director of the Rosh Chodesh Society,” Shani said, “the women’s studies division at the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute (JLI). She has been involved in the field of Jewish education for 40 years, teaching at the Associated Beth Rivkah Schools, in both their High School and Division of Higher Learning Teacher’s Seminary. She has also worked extensively with students at risk, and served as community liaison and counselor for Operation Survival, a substance abuse program.”

She is also a mentor at Links, and Living Legacies, which are organizations that focus on Jewish children who have lost a parent. Furthermore, she is an accomplished musician and composer, who is deeply passionate about the role music plays in our lives.

Shandy resides in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, N.Y., together with her husband, Simon. She is proudest of, and most thankful for, her G-d given gifts: her children and grandchildren.

This event is co-chaired by Karen Cohen, Andi Goldstein, Shani Katzman, Mushka Tenenbaum, Helen Kay, Patty Nogg, Susan Witkowski and Annette van de Kamp-Wright. Cost for the evening is $100 per person; please make your reservation at // by December 8.

This event is made possible in part through the generosity of the Kenneth Ray Tretiak Memorial Fund, Impact Grant of the Jewish Federation of Omaha, and the Livingston Foundation Grant.