Hosted at The Mark Bowling alley in Elkhorn, 22 children and 16 parents from all over Jewish Omaha spent two hilarious hours bowling on a Sunday afternoon. For many it was a reunion of sorts, with some kids knowing each other from the ELC or from camp. For others, like Stacy Feldman, it was a new opportunity: "We recently moved to Omaha and the PJ Library bowling program was our first. What a great way to meet other families in the community. It was awesome for me to meet other moms and my kids had a blast connecting with classmates and meeting new kids in our area. Can't wait until the next one!"

    Launched this past summer, the PJ Elementary initiative plans monthly meet-ups designed to provide a casual, fun atmosphere where families with children in elementary school can build and maintain ties to their Jewish peers from across the greater Omaha area.

    Unlike some of the other programs PJ Library runs for younger children, this series is focused almost exclusively on allowing kids (AND parents) to hang out and spend time with one another, in settings where the activity itself doesn’t get in the way of folks meeting one another or having a conversation.

    There are no rules for defining Jewishness with these programs. Families of all backgrounds are welcome and siblings of all ages may join.

    “We realize that families are busy. Whether you can attend monthly or just once doesn’t matter, we just want to stay connected!” says co-organizer Abigail Kutler.

    PJ Elementary folks are encouraged to join the community at the Hanukkah Extravaganza from 3-5 pm Sunday, Dec. 5th, while in January families will be meeting up Sunday, Jan. 23rd to go ice skating and sledding at Mahoney State Park.

    Support for PJ Library in 2021 has been made possible by funding from the Special Donor-Advised Fund at the Jewish Federation of Omaha Foundation, as well as the Murray H. and Sharee C. Newman Supporting Foundation. For more information about the program series and to make sure you receive notice of all the events, visit: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PJElementary