Having celebrated the High Holidays in a most unique fashion, it’s time to look ahead and ponder the next steps in this unique Jewish year of 5781. With many people finding themselves with more “thinking time,” no doubt a number of questions are floating around in the Jewish realm. A new Beth Israel virtual event will provide the opportunity to pose those queries.

    On Sunday evening, Nov. 1 at 7 p.m, Rabbi Ari will be live and ready for questions submitted by attendees.  Questions can be asked on anything. Ever wonder why bad things happen to good people? How about a woman’s role in Judaism? Is antisemitism or intermarriage the bigger threat to the Jewish people? What is the Jewish belief in the hereafter?

    “Asking questions can be difficult,” says Rabbi Ari. “A person doesn’t want to look foolish or may be unsure if the venue in which they find themselves is the proper place to ask. I hear many questions prefaced with ‘I suppose I should have learned this in Hebrew school.’ The goal of this session is to provide a comfortable venue for anyone to ask a questions.” When asked if he thinks anyone will try to ‘stump the rabbi’ and he responded “No doubt I will receive a number of challenging questions. The members of the Omaha community continually impress me with the knowledge that is sought.”

    “Ask the Rabbi” will be live on Beth Israel’s Zoom Room at tinyurl. com/bizoom in addition to Beth Israel’s Facebook page found at bethisraelsynagogueomaha. Questions should be submitted to ydreyer@orthodoxomaha.org. For additional questions, please call 402.556.6288 or email bethisrael@ orthodoxomaha.org.