The Jewish Federation of Omaha is proud to introduce Stacy Feldman as its new philanthropy coordinator. Feldman, originally from New Jersey, recently moved to Omaha and is looking forward to meeting and engaging with the community.

    As philanthropy coordinator, Feldman says that her current priorities are leading the women’s Momentum trip and working with lay leaders on the Spring Women’s Philanthropy event.

    “I’m excited about both of them because of my belief and passion for community, and I love programs and events,” she said. “Momentum in particular holds a special place for me. I went on the trip in 2016. It was my first time in Israel… it bottles up, in just a week, the best of Israel with an exploration of Jewish self, completely unencumbered. It gives women the chance to explore who they are both as a woman, as well as a spouse, mom, daughter, granddaughter, friend, professional, etc., through a Jewish lens.”

    Feldman comes from Morganville, N.J., roughly 45 miles outside of New York City. Her most recent work was at the Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey, where she spent three years as its director of community impact.

    “I oversaw planning, allocations and engagement for the organization,” Feldman said. “My team was small, but we accomplished so much — especially during the pandemic.”

    Feldman considers her biggest achievement at the Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey to be redefining its allocations process.

    “This was an intricate process that utilized so many of the skills I had honed through my professional life, including strategic thinking, engagement, persuasion, and analyses,” she said.

    Feldman also worked to develop a three-year strategic plan for PJ Library, evolving the basic PJ Library subscription and monthly event program and bringing in partners and ambassadors to further engage the community.

    The majority of Feldman’s career has been in brand strategy, research and marketing for print and digital media companies. She spent the most time at Meredith Corporation, based in Des Moines, Iowa, and learned to appreciate the Midwest through her time spent there.

    When her husband took a job in Omaha, Feldman was excited to move to the Midwest, even though it would be a big change for her and her family. The biggest difference is the increased difficulty of finding kosher food in Omaha compared to New Jersey, where there are kosher butchers, delis, grocery aisles and restaurants. Despite this, she appreciates Omaha being family-centric and slower paced.

    Feldman and her husband have two children and love being active and outdoors. She enjoys skiing, cooking, reading, singing, dancing, running and spending time with her family, no matter where they are. She also loves being part of a community.

    “When you belong to a community, you are supported, and you thrive,” she said. “If you’re having a bad day (or week, or month, or year), you’re surrounded by folks who will help pick you up, help you out, or just be there for you. If you’re having a great day (or week, or month, or year), you’re surrounded by people who will help you celebrate in your happiness and joy.”

    From a Jewish perspective, Feldman loves Torah, Jewish holidays and the culture of community and inclusiveness. To her, “being Jewish is about being a good person and always trying to be the best person you can be.”

    The JFO is glad to have Stacy Feldman as a dedicated and experienced philanthropy coordinator. Feel free to reach out to her at sfeldman@jewishomaha.org and say hello!