I’m back! After a productive and fun summer as the Jewish Press’s intern in 2020 and a whirlwind of a senior year at college, I am grateful to return as the 2021 Summer Intern.

    If you don’t know me, my name is Sam Kricsfeld. I just graduated from the University of Kansas with a BS in news and information journalism and a minor in creative writing. I also studied Hebrew to pick up where I left off after my time at Friedel Jewish Academy. At KU Hillel I was a writing and marketing intern, and I am just finishing up my fellowship in the Hillel International Writing Program. I’ve written and edited for KU’s newspaper, the University Daily Kansan, and its magazine, CHALK. I have written upwards of 25 articles for the Press between last year’s internship and freelancing.

    My father, Dr. Alan Kricsfeld, is a physician in Council Bluffs, a board member of Jewish Family Services and a past president of Beth Israel Synagogue. My mother, Debbie Kricsfeld, was previously a board member for the Jewish Press, Friedel and Beth Israel. My sister, Rachel Kricsfeld, was a dancer at the JCC Dance Training Company and a student at Friedel. She will be attending KU in the fall.

    I can’t introduce myself without mentioning my passion for cars. My Bar Mitzvah was car-themed, I have bookshelves full of car books and I have a few too many Hot Wheels. I hope to have a career in automotive journalism as an editor for a car magazine or website.

    I am proud to write and intern for the Press. Every person I work with is welcoming and supportive. The Press’s audience is constructive and loyal. The JCC has been renovated and looks beautiful. Every aspect about working for the Press is fantastic, and I’m so glad to be back for another summer.

    As always, I aim to produce enjoyable and interesting content for you throughout the summer in addition to Annette’s and my Death and Mourning series. You all were so supportive of my writing last year, and I thank you very much. I am fortunate to be a part of the Omaha Jewish community and to have a voice here at the Press. Keep an eye out for my byline!

    The Jewish Press Summer Internship is made possible through the generosity of the Murray H. and Sharee C. Newman Supporting Foundation.