Omaha Chabad will be offering a delicious Kosher Bistro Night on January 17 from 5-7 PM


On the menu: Matzo ball soup, pulled beef and chicken sandwiches, 5 different types of kugel - or a sampling of each served as a kugel flight- and dessert options.


Socially distanced dine in option at Chabad House or car side to-go options will be available.


Rabbi Eli Tenenbaum credits Howard Kutler with the idea for Bistro Night.


“Howard wanted to begin an ongoing deli night and held one just before the start of the Covid Pandemic. Obviously once Covid hit the idea was paused but we are again hoping to start up a regular (hopefully monthly!) kosher dining option for our community.  While deli styled food is always a delicious option, we are working to expand offerings with themed menu ideas - for example, right now we are working on a Persian menu-  to bring tastes of good and different Jewish foods to Omaha as options for eating out Kosher here are limited.”


"We have been blessed to have some amazing volunteer organizers including Shervin Ansari, Dennis DePorte and Jim Fried helping with this program and are always looking for more volunteers to help organize, plan and work the event. Sponsorship opportunities are also available”.


While walk-ins are certainly welcome, don’t chance missing out on what is sure to be a delicious kosher meal by preordering at


Pre-orders will be accepted through noon on January 14. All orders after this time are subject to a 10% surcharge. Walk-ins are welcome. All proceeds will go to Chabad's Assistance and Pantry projects.