The Marshall Fire in Colorado swept through suburban communities in Boulder County. The wildfires have burned roughly 1,000 homes and forced the evacuation of tens of thousands of residents. The fires began on Thursday morning (December 30, 2021) and spread across suburban neighborhoods in Superior and Louisville. A few days later, heavy snow blanketed the area, mixing white snow with black soot. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

   As residents continue to assess the damage and loss from the fires in Boulder and Jefferson Counties, JEWISHcolorado is reaching out to assist organizations serving those in need. A special Colorado mailbox has been opened to ensure that contributions flow to those most impacted.

  “The fires are devastating,” former Omahan Gail Raznick, who currently lives in Boulder, said, “and we know several families and business owners who lost everything. Can’t imagine the overwhelming feeling of starting over. It really is heartbreaking.” 

   Please visit https://www.jewishcolorado.org/jewishcolorado-boulder-fire-relief-fund/ to donate.

   100 % of contributions will go to relief efforts. We will continue to evaluate and address the situation. In the meantime, we send our love and best wishes to all the communities affected by the fires.