Credit: Anila amataj; licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

Beth El is excited to offer a series of three virtual Tai Chi classes on January 12, 19 and 26 at 3:15 PM led by Beth Staenberg.  The cost is $18 for the series of classes.  The $18 helps support the on-going virtual and physically-distant programming that Beth El continues to put on.  Beth Staenberg has been teaching and practicing this ancient tradition for eleven years.  For Beth, Tai Chi is a part of her life and she hopes to bring this practice to participants’ forefront.  Physical activity is known to improve one’s physical and mental well-being and offers many other benefits. 

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese tradition that was originally developed for self-defense.   Along the way, it transformed into a way to enhance ones health and well-being.  Some people call it a 'moving meditation,' as you concentrate on the moves, and then the moves become body memory to help you with flowing your internal energy.  Energy is all around and inside of us and we are working with this life force energy. 

“Participants have noted more feelings of calm and relaxation and less anxiety," Beth said. "This is especially important now during the COVID-19 pandemic.  By doing a series of three classes, it will become more routine and regular.  Like doing anything consistently, you become more familiar with the routines and you are able to relax more and feel your flow of energy and feel the movements at a heightened awareness."   

Beth is certified in an evidence-based Tai Chi program which promotes many aspects of health. Tai Chi has been shown to help with promoting good sleep, reduce stress, and help with general overall wellness.  The movements are slow, focused exercises, which helps with increasing flexibility, balance, and help with reducing falls.  By working gently with the body and keeping the joints loose, ligaments and bones are nourished, which helps to prevent injury to these areas.  Muscles are loosened and strength and power are increased. 

"Pairing movement with breath, Tai Chi increases our inhalation and exhalation so we keep our lung capacity at its best," Beth said.  "It is low-impact and a great amount of athletic ability is not needed.”

Tai Chi is a system for a lifetime.  The effects are powerful, but the routines themselves are typically gentle.  "We are not working on tensing muscles," Beth said. "We are working with Qi energy, and this energy is heightened by a smooth, calm, effort that is free of stress and does not pit one part of the body against another.”  Many people tell Beth that being in class is like taking a mini vacation, in that people tune out everything else during the class.

Please visit the Beth El website at to register for these virtual classes.  Questions can be directed to Robby Erlich, Engagement Coordinator, at