Our 2021 Annual Campaign theme focused on the power of positive thinking by embracing the notion that we should “Imagine Tomorrow.” Very few times in the history of Jewish Omaha, perhaps never, has this phrase resonated as loudly as it has over the past 15 months! We are emerging from COVID-19 as a stronger, more cohesive community. We should celebrate and take pride in our successes and be poised to reach even greater heights!


This year, our theme is “Reconnecting our Community.” As we are underway to make the 2022 Annual Campaign a success, we once again are reminded that we can all make an impact on our world—and that when we do so together, we are so much stronger.

An anonymous donor will match any increased or new pledge up to $60,000 to the Annual Campaign before Oct. 18. Please make your gift now or when you join us for the Sept. 30 outdoor community event, double your impact and help us unlock this generous gift to our community! You can donate by mailing in your pledge card, or you can visit our website at www.jewishomaha.org and clicking on the donation link. You can also text JFOImpact to #41444 and send your annual gift that way.

Thanks to our First Challenge Match at the 2020 Campaign Kickoff Event with Joshua Malina, we saw the largest

amount raised at a single event. During last year’s JFNA Challenge Match, we saw our generous local donors help unlock an additional match from national donors. These past matches have inspired a donor to provide a match in this year’s Campaign. Your generosity helps us provide dynamic, creative and supportive programs and services that improve thousands of lives. The Federation invigorates Jewish life with meaningful opportunities for people of all ages to connect with each other, to make the world a better place, and discover their Jewish identities through education and travel.

We care about all those who are part of our community, Jewish or non-Jewish, and we welcome anyone who wants to make a world of difference.