On Sept. 19, 2021, the ADL-CRC will celebrate 70 years of service in Omaha. ADL-CRC Strong @ 70 will reflect on the past while looking to the future. No celebration would be complete without the story of the Newman family.

    The Newman family and the Anti-Defamation League have a close relationship. The leadership and efforts of the late Jule Newman and his sons Murray and Bob have greatly supported and championed the ADL for decades.

    Jule Newman had a tough childhood. According to a March 3, 2017 article in the Jewish Press, “He challenged crews on passing trains to target practice: they would throw coal at him and his brothers. They would then collect the coal, which the family could not afford, and took it home to use for heat. At other times, he would watch for patrons at nearby bars who left without their newspapers, which he would reassemble and resell at a different bar.”

    Jule’s parents immigrated from a small town near Budapest, and his father owned a grocery store. After serving in the Medical Corps during World War I, Jule continued his father’s tradition and started the famous Hinky Dinky line of grocery stores.

    Jule was heavily involved with the ADL and received the ADL Torch of Liberty award in 1983. The award recognized exceptional people who showed humanitarian concerns and whose work brought people of every background together.  

In his acceptance speech for the Torch of Liberty award, Jule expressed his belief in the importance of intergenerational support for the ADL.

    “The work of the ADL has always been important to me,” he said. “I have urged my boys to read the bulletins, understand the problems and get involved. I have seen and experienced antisemitism firsthand, felt its stinging blow, and related these situations to my boys…I have a tremendous sense of pride to see succeeding generations of my family doing their part [for the ADL].”

    Jule’s sons, Bob and Murray, are no strangers to the ADL. Bob Newman served as the National Commissioner of the ADL and was chairman of the Plains States Regional ADL/CRC board, and Murray was the Nebraska State ADL Chairman.

    In his honor and memory, his sons, Bob, Jim and Murray, established the Jule M. Newman Anti-Bigotry Endowment fund in 2017. In the 2017 Press article, Bob said, “My father, in particular, and all others in our nuclear family all lived during times of open and extreme expressions of antisemitism. The ADL has been the leading organization in opposition to hate.”

    Jule had a strong interest in law enforcement, and the fund therefore was allocated for annual anti-bias training for law enforcement officers. The Press article also included that the fund’s second priority would be for programming focused on “the prevention of hate, bigotry and antisemitism.”

    In 2018, the first Jule M. Newman Law Enforcement Summit on Extremism took place with 150 local law enforcement officers participating. Jule’s sons Bob and Murray spoke at the event.

    Sponsors of ADL-CRC Strong @ 70 include the Norman & Frances Batt Family Fund, Bergman Incentives, Carol & Steve Bloch, Gary & Lisa Epstein, Paul & Sandy Epstein, Fraser Stryker Law Office, Jerry & Cookie Hoberman, Rich & Fran Juro, Howard & Gloria Kaslow, Zoe & Carl Riekes and Aaron Weiner & Therese Vaughn.

    Tickets for the event can be purchased for $70 each at, or contact Pam Monsky, ADL-CRC Assistant Director at 402.334.6572,