RBJH Bikes

Not every gift has to be big and expensive. Sometimes, gifts can have enormous impact without a big price tag. Take for instance, the newest arrival at the Rose Blumkin Jewish Home.

    The Van Raam VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike came all the way from the Netherlands, where biking is the preferred mode of transportation for many people. Because of that, many nursing homes have adopted a way to keep residents active, even if they can no longer ride a bike themselves.  

    This latest battery-powered transport bike has a modern design with unique riding characteristics and is stable for almost every wheelchair.  

    Last summer, with the generous support from the 2020 Staenberg Family Foundation Anything Grant and the Shirley & Leonard Goldstein Supporting Foundation of the Jewish Federation of Omaha Foundation, we purchased the FUN@Go three-wheel tandem adaptive cycle.

    The bike couldn't have come at a more appropriate time during beautiful weather and COVID isolation. It was pure joy for Residents to ride around the campus outdoors with the wind blowing.

    Steve Levinger wrote to Michael Staenberg about the bike and how his father took a ride to the nearby school. Michael reached out the Chris Ulven immediately and asked if RBJH needed another bike. Chris quickly responded:  "Absolutely, yes!"

    It took five months to make the long journey from Holland to our contact AllAbility Cycle in Jefferson, Iowa, but it finally arrived in zero-degree weather.  We are so fortunate to now have two adaptive cycles at RBJH. Thank you, Michael Staenberg. We can't wait for spring to take a spin outdoors!

    So think about what you can do to make a difference in the lives of our RBJH Residents. Call a few friends, pool your resources and together, make a big impact on our seniors.