The Chesed Center, created by Garin Ometz Akko, is just one of the programs benefitted by your support of the JFO Annual Campaign. Your support helps provide food and clothing for the needy in Akko.

Chesed means lovingkindness. The Chesed Center aims to provide that to the underprivileged in Akko by supplying food, secondhand clothing, and more. According to Chesed Center Grant Manager Reut Gets, it is the leading project in the Akko area and becomes a major supporter of the city’s needs during times of crisis.

“In Akko there are many needy families, for whom the Chesed Center is the only hope of providing sustenance for their empty pantries,” Gets said. “The recipients come to the Center to receive food packages with fresh vegetables, canned, and dry foods, and sometimes meat and poultry for the holidays. These families deal with palpable hunger.”

The Chesed Center is run solely by volunteers, some of whom are also recipients of supplies. The Center distributes approximately 550 food packages per week.

Before the pandemic, some of the Chesed Center’s elderly or disabled recipients who were homebound received deliveries directly to their homes. Now, all the recipients receive deliveries despite the massive increase in requests.

According to Gets, Garin Ometz Akko, the organization behind the Chesed Center, is one of the most influential organizations in Akko and the Galilee in terms of range of activities and local influence. Its goals are to close social gaps in Akko’s population, strengthen education, community, and Jewish identity, and to promote Jewish migration to Akko and the Galilee.

Other Chesed Center partnerships include the Akko Municipality Department of Social Services, Leket Israel (which donates produce), Latet (which provides products for the food packages) and various other social organizations in Akko.

Donations provided to the JFO Annual Campaign allow the Chesed Center to buy more food, create more food packages, and reach more people in need. Previously, funds were used to buy a van for collecting and delivering food packages throughout Akko.

Your support in the JFO Annual Campaign makes a difference not only in local and national lives, but also in the lives of Israelis. Thank you to the donors who have supported the campaign.