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Beth El Synagogue continues to cook delicious, worldly inspired cuisine and kosher meals for not only Beth El members, but for the entire Omaha community. Beth El’s Kitchen, led by Chef and Catering Manager Mike Newell, continues to serve more than 100 meals for holidays and just to provide …

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   This week, I made latkes for the first time in ten years.

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This is something my grandma, Frances Kraft, would make and now my mom, Joan Kraft, makes.  The grandkids, my son Alex included, request these often (and sometimes payment for chores is with cottage cheese pancakes).

   This is a near-weekly Shabbat standard at Saba’s house and a holiday wouldn’t be a holiday without it. No matter how many times I follow the recipe to the letter, it always comes out delicious, but not quite as good as Safta’s.

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   Our Rosh Hashanah table always features a wide array of fresh, simple and tasty salads. Sure to please the palate, these also add bright splashes of color to the table and contain symbolic foods meaningful to the Holiday. These are also easy to adjust up or down to fit the size of your ga…

Look no further for a delicious dessert for Rosh Hashanah. Always a big hit at our house, these individual oatmeal cookie like cups hold sweet tender apple crisp filling. The recipe originally called for a caramel sauce drizzle, but we prefer a drizzle of thick raw honey from locally owned “…

There are few food combinations that remind me as much of my childhood as chocolate & orange. As much as the 6-year-old me hated orange marmalade on toast, add it to any cake and it’s a very different story. For this recipe, you start with a store-bought cake mix, and whatever comes afte…

Many of us enjoy Ron Lugasy’s cooking segments, which have been popping up on Facebook on a regular basis. Below is the recipe for the Israeli dessert she made for Shavuot.

This year’s Jewish Press Volunteer of the Year is Andy Isaacson. Because we are social distancing, there was no get-together-in-person, so we’re finding different ways to say ‘Thank You.’

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When the temperature hits 90, it can be hard to motivate one's self to prepare food. This salad is easy, can be made ahead and eaten over several days; because the base is raw, green cabbage, it doesn't wilt so fast, as long as you keep it in the fridge. And I promise, you won't even break a sweat.

Chaya Rappoport   This recipe originally appeared on The Nosher. If I’m hosting brunch, it’s a pretty sure bet that I’ll make shakshuka. Saucy, spicy and runny with egg, it’s a universally beloved dish that, to its credit (and my eternal disappointment), never yields leftovers when I make it, a sure testament to its popularity. […]

Ronnie Fein This article originally appeared on The Nosher. Back in the 1980s, when polenta was the hot new item on restaurant menus, I was eager to try it. I knew it was a traditional Italian dish, but it was foreign to everyone else, including me. I bought a package of cornmeal, began the preparation, […]

Einat Admony This recipe originally appeared on The Nosher. Israel has a large Ethiopian Jewish community, but the majority of Israelis are not familiar with their unique cuisine. I, however, have always felt super connected with Ethiopian culture, partly because I had Ethiopian girlfriends when I was young and partly because it reminds me of […]

From: Shirley Goldstein Usually served this at Thanksgiving dinner This is always a part of Thanksgiving dinner and I was the one to make them… although I don’t have a formal recipe, this is close to what I usually do! Sweet Potatoes Ingredients: 2 large cans of sweet potatoes or yams (Princella brand) Brown sugar […]

Emanuelle Lee This recipe originally appeared on The Nosher. Yapchik is made up of two layers of golden, crispy potato cake — very similar to a kugel — that sandwich a layer of meat. As the fall days get colder, it will welcome you and your guests home like a hug, and warm you up […]

From: Ann Goldstein Originating from: NCJW Cookbook (1973) Usually served this at Brunch, especially on Mother’s Day.  A classic which everyone likes, and easy too. Blintze Casserole Ingredients: 2 packages frozen blintzes, partially defrosted (may use cheese-filled or fruit filled or a ­combination of both)* 1/4 pound margarine 1 1/2 cups sour cream 4 eggs […]

Rachel Myerson This recipe originally appeared on The Nosher. My mom serves matzah ball soup every Friday night (#momgoals), and she’s always made it in the oven. When I left home and found myself without my weekly fix, I called her for the recipe and followed suit. I didn’t realize that this was unusual until […]

Chaya Rappoport This recipe originally appeared on The Nosher. If babka is the hip Jewish treat du jour, then kokosh cake is its slightly homelier cousin of yesteryear. But don’t let that description turn you off because what kokosh cake lacks in razzle-dazzle, it makes up for in the most important of ways: rich, gooey, […]

Emily Paster This recipe originally appeared on The Nosher. Sephardic chicken soup with lemon and egg, or sopa de huevos y limon, is a traditional first course for breaking the Yom Kippur fast among Jews from Turkey, the Balkan states and the Greek port city of Thessaloniki (known as Salonika in Ladino). This gently seasoned […]

This recipe originally appeared on The Nosher. This slow-cooked brisket is featured on season 4 of Molly Yeh’s Food Network show “Girl Meets Farm,” which captures her life on a sugar beet farm. Flavored with apple cider and maple syrup, it embraces Rosh Hashanah food traditions and, best of all, can be enjoyed at any […]